5 essential skills that an e-Learning Project Manager must have

An e-Learning project involves careful planning and a series of steps and actions that must be carried out to guarantee its success.

In this blog I tell you what are the 5 essential skills that an e-Learning Project Manager must have .

What are the attributions of an e-Learning Project Manager?

We are going to identify some of the attributions of an e-Learning Project Manager in order to understand the skills that are necessary for the success of the projects that he must lead.

Some of the attributions of a Project Manager are:

1.Meet with the client and identify the company’s training needs, project objectives and budget.

  1. Advise the directors of the organization so that they can determine if e-Learning is the best option for their company.
  2. Identify the most suitable technological, human and operational resources for the project.
  3. Plan, schedule, organize and supervise that each party fulfills its responsibilities within the established time and budget.
  4. Evaluate the potential risks in the development and implementation of the course.
  5. Lead and supervise all stages of course development. Planning, development and implementation, including monitoring of metrics and analytics.
  6. Maintain adequate and constant communication with the client and all personnel involved at all times through follow-up meetings.
  7. Serve as a bridge between the instructional designer and the technician in charge of the software.

Developing an e-Learning course requires the joint effort of a group of people who must keep working in harmony through the leadership of the Project Manager.

The 5 essential skills that an e-Learning Project Manager must have

1. Leadership

The Project Manager must select, coordinate and supervise a diverse group of people who must work together to successfully meet the objectives.

Your task is not easy, internal and external personnel will be involved in the project and they will have to work harmoniously under your guidance.

2. Communication

The communication skills of the Project Manager constitute one of the most important aspects in the organization, development and implementation of the e-Learning course.

The Project Manager must listen carefully to the client and through their communication skills, everything necessary for the process must be clearly established.

Ideally, everything should be registered and signed to avoid errors in interpretation.

Subsequently, you must inform each of the collaborators what their responsibilities will be.

It will also serve as a bridge between the different people who participate in the development of the course, providing continuous feedback.

Your skills to listen carefully, communicate effectively and motivate the team are essential in the development of the course.

3. Time management

One of the initial steps of course development and production is the scheduling of course deliverables and release dates which should align with the Storyboard tasks and course objectives.

A Project Manager must have excellent time management in order to ensure that everything will be delivered to the client on time and that each of the parties involved is complying with the established timeline.

Distributing the work to the right person or team for the task and grouping tasks helps to effectively accomplish this goal.

4. Stay up to date with e-Learning resources

E-Learning is a constantly growing industry. Therefore, the technology available for its development and implementation and the human resource prepared to work in the field of virtual education evolves day by day.

For a Project Manager it is essential to keep up with the changes in the industry.

You will need to keep an eye on authoring tools, LMS (Learning Management System), trends, careers, and other related topics through reading, webinars, conferences, congresses, and other growth opportunities.

5. Organization

A project manager has a large number of resources that must be planned, directed and executed harmoniously for the implementation of the final product.

His job is to put everything in order by coordinating the necessary people and means.

All these resources must be organized following established objectives, content and time lines.

Each person or team will be doing their part, but the Project Manager is the one who manages, through the organization of all the parties involved, to reach the final destination with the expected results.

A Project Manager with these 5 basic skills will be able to efficiently coordinate the team that will develop the e-Learning course.