How to motivate creativity through virtual tutoring?

Creativity is an inherent capacity of the human being that must be stimulated and developed to be improved, like any other capacity. But how to motivate creativity through virtual tutoring?

All human beings are creative since we are capable of producing original, new and surprising ideas or behaviors. It is considered a strength of character, since through creativity it contributes to improving the quality of life.

Creativity has a purpose: to come up with alternative ideas. It is when we are presented with a need, a problem or an unknown situation that this ability comes into play. It is at this moment when creative ideas are generated and to elaborate them, information and knowledge are needed to understand the factors involved.

To reach a solution, proposal or creative idea, you must go through a creative process in which several factors are involved, such as:

– originality: thinking differently
– fluidity of ideas: succession of different ideas, supported by previous ideas
– cognitive flexibility: ability to see things from another point of view
– cognitive independence: based on personal security, on the confidence that the person has of his own ideas

Jeff Degraff , a well-known speaker on creativity, indicates that this ability manifests itself in people in different ways and degrees. He lists the five levels and types of creativity from the easiest to the most difficult to develop. Creativity is a muscle so it needs to be trained .

Creativity in virtual tutoring spaces

Virtual courses are made up of a wide variety of students. They are people with different beliefs, culture, way of learning and behaving, consider these factors when motivating creativity. Not all students will participate or achieve the same creative results that you expect.

Creativity in virtual tutoring spaces is proposed by the teacher, the promotion and generation of creative ideas is part of the teaching method.

There are external and internal factors in the motivation of creativity. Although the internal factors concern the student directly, the external factor, where the tutor participates, has great relevance in motivation.

How to motivate creativity through virtual tutoring

In the exercise of virtual tutoring you have to take into account that you must consider certain basic techniques to start motivating creativity and therefore, you will achieve a learning style that fosters this ability.

These are some considerations that as a teacher you can include in your virtual course:

Although you as a tutor are in charge of the development of the course, a receptive attitude can respond with a what if…? And why not…? Why do you think that…? What would they have done…? and questions similar to doubts, projects or tasks that arise during the virtual tutoring. This will help you develop a “creative climate.”

Evaluate all ideas . There are many solutions and options to a problem. Take them into account and give them value. This will promote the participation of your students in the communication channels. Provide a space for students to share their ideas, doubts or suggestions, with confidence and without fear.

Avoid maintaining a strict control of the course, the environment that you generate in the course will influence the creativity of the students to manifest and motivate. In some cases you can be flexible.

Do things differently : At this point it is important that you consider changing your teaching routine, creating different results requires different activities. You can change the way of working the exercises or even the presentation that they must deliver.

Use motivation as a creative tool . Establish a system of rewards or badges for the best jobs, constant participation, collaborative work, etc. it is a factor that invites some students to be more creative and constant in their performance.

Promotes the analysis of real and current situations , related to the topics of the course. This arouses the student’s curiosity and motivates them to participate more when they recognize an immediate and useful application of the learned content.