Why is a professional law degree necessary?

Some professions have strict legal regulations to be able to exercise, for which they require the mandatory possession of a professional ID and title . Such is the case of the law degree, specifically for the practice of law .

In order to have a career with high potential for growth, in addition to the degree, it is necessary to have good academic support , which provides the adequate intellectual training to have an outstanding performance within the labor field, and in this way build a career with a reputation. positive based on good results.

Although within the current academic offer there are countless educational programs in law, such as diplomas or certifications, none can replace a bachelor’s degree, since it grants the essential skills and abilities to practice in the labor field, within a organization or independently.

What is the ID and the professional title?

Upon completion of a university degree, completing the necessary credits required by the educational program, you get the opportunity to obtain a degree and professional license.

The degree and the ID are two documents that endorse and certify your knowledge about a subject, science, discipline or profession, since they allow you to demonstrate that you have the necessary academic training to support your technical and intellectual capacity, and empower you to work in the sector that interests you the most.

While the university degree is issued by the higher education institution where the academic studies are carried out, the professional license is an official document issued by the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) in Mexico.

With the ID you can be part of the National Registry of Professionals, where any person, institution or company can validate the information related to your university education.

Will any higher education institution give me a degree?

In Mexico there are many institutions of higher education that offer degree programs; however, not all of them have the necessary certification that gives them official status before the Mexican educational authorities.

In our country, the Recognition of Official Validity of Studies (RVOE) is the certification that helps verify that an educational program is aligned with the educational standards necessary for professional training and performance.

Without this recognition, an academic program does not have the official character necessary to be able to grant a degree supported by the SEP, nor does it provide the right to request a professional license and, in the case of law, it makes it impossible for you to practice under the legal grounds necessary.

A valid college degree can speak highly of you

A degree, in addition to demonstrating that you are a suitable person to work, is proof of your dedication, responsibility and discipline, since completing a university degree requires a lot of commitment, which is accompanied by skills and competencies that are useful in the workplace and They give credibility.

It allows its students to prepare professionally with the necessary quality to be successful in the workplace. In addition, this educational program has RVOE, which provides official value to obtain a degree and professional license and practice properly.

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