How to choose nursery school: find the best nursery for your child

At this time of year, many parents are focused on choosing the most suitable educational center for their child. It is very important to be convinced that the chosen center meets the requirements we are looking for and that the child will be comfortable and well cared for. To help you, we give you some advice that you should take into account when choosing a nursery school .


It seems obvious, but we should not trust anything. To avoid surprises, make sure that the center has been approved by the Department of Education of your Autonomous Community and that the educators are qualified professionals.

Also make sure that the ratio of children per classroom is met. Each group must have a tutor, but the school must also have support staff.

secure facilities

When you go to visit the center, train your eye to detect that it complies with basic safety measures such as: fences on the stairs, protected corners and plugs, doorstops, rubber floors, furniture and toilets adapted for children, ventilation , natural light, shaded areas in the patio, etc…

Also find out about going out to the playground for the little ones, that they are always supervised by an educator, that there is no possibility of the child going out into the street due to carelessness, and that they control the delivery of children at the time of departure.

An essential point is that of cleanliness . A place where many young children live is essential to comply with strict hygiene measures, especially in the area of ​​changing rooms and bathrooms.

Educational project and ideology

It is very important that the philosophy of the center and what it offers at an educational level fit us. Today there are multiple educational options to choose from. There are more experimental schools, others more focused on the artistic, others more traditional…

Find out about the program to be implemented and the work methodology . The educational plan must contribute to enhancing the capacities of children, to foster their ability to discover and experience for themselves.

It is essential that the center maintain fluid communication with the parents, that the relationship between both parties be close and that it be open to the participation of the family.

Ask for opinions

In these cases, word of mouth is the best advertising (or the worst). Ask other parents what they like best and what they least like about the school. Ask them for their opinion about the school and if there has been a problem, what has been the position of the center to solve it.

The AMPA (Association of Mothers and Fathers of Students) is also a good point of reference, since they know in depth how the school works.

Other things to consider when choosing a nursery school

  • Distance from home: one of the most valued things is that the school is close to home or work, not only to avoid problems of movement (if you can walk, better) but also because in any emergency a neighbor can go, a family member or friend to pick up the child.
  • Nap– Ask how much, where, and how they nap . Make sure that the facilities are adapted for a good rest.
  • Dining room: must have a dining room for exclusive use. Find out if they prepare the food at the center or use a catering company, how they prepare the menus, who feeds the child and if breastfeeding is facilitated for babies who are breastfed.
  • Adaptation period: the first days are not going to be easy, I’ll tell you in advance, so ask about everything related to the adaptation of the little one : the schedules, if you can accompany them, if the needs of the child are respected, etc…
  • Visit the centers: sometimes appearances are deceiving, so don’t forget to visit the centers that you are considering as an option. Ask for an appointment or go to the open days to find out how the school works and personally meet the teachers who work with the children. If possible, also go at check-in or check-out time to get a better idea.
  • Last but not least, be well informed about the nursery school fees so as not to run into unpleasant surprises. Ask if you must pay registration, place reservation, what is the number of annual fees, the price of overtime, school supplies, extracurricular, excursions, about scholarships , nursery check , etc…