12 study techniques and methodologies to learn Cytopathology

What are the study techniques to improve your learning in cytopathology?

  1. Underline what is important:

This is one of the best known study methods. You must highlight the most significant parts of the text using colors, a highlighter, markers, stikers, etc. Before underlining you must read and understand the text.

  1. Make your own notes in a show of hands:

This is one of the most effective NLP study habits. It is about taking note of the class, presentation, conference. Of course, summarize the most important in our own words so that we can remember it. Keep in mind that you should not leave out any key data. You can do it the traditional way with pencil and paper or use online tools that allow you to make digital notes such as: Quickoffice, Penultimate, Squid, Simplenote and Moleskine Journal.

  1. Mind maps:

This is a very effective technique on how to study better that they teach you at school. A mind map summarizes and organizes our ideas. If we do it right, it can save us many hours of study and ensure that we get a good grade on the exam. You can make it yourself by hand or use digital tools such as Mindmanager, XMind, Coggle, Freemind, Goconqr, among others.

  1. Study Sheets:

If you want to assimilate specific data such as dates, numbers or vocabulary, you must follow this learning method. It is useful to use them in subjects that include the use of complex medical terms. Here is a memorizing but fun process. Cards can be made manually or through apps such as Cram, Quizlet, Flashcard Machine, etc. that they can develop from your cell phone or PC.

  1. Exercises and case studies:

Has it ever happened to you that you did not understand the theory or technique of a subject just by reading it?

Carrying out exercises or solving practical cases are very useful to assimilate a theory more easily. We may use images or videos in EAD. In the face-to-face classroom, the usual folder of case sheets. With telepathology we can remotely scan and transmit online the results of the activity.

  1. Test:

Taking quizzes in the days leading up to the exam is a great way to review and prepare for the big day. We carry out Online Tests or exams with GOOGLE FORMS to check knowledge in the area and also the results are supported on the Google for Education platform. We can also share tests in Word, PowerPoint, etc.

  1. Brainstorming:

Holding a group meeting and brainstorming on a certain topic is one of the most useful study methods when doing group work. Having different ideas and perspectives helps to resolve doubts and get to the bottom of the matter if you are preparing for an exam. This technique is highly recommended.

  1. Memotechnical Rules:

If you want to memorize lists and sets you will like this technique. You just have to associate concepts with others that are more familiar to you. For example, the word CHON is used to recall the following elements from the periodic table: Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Nitrogen.

  1. Organize the study:

Another technique you can use to learn to study better is to develop a calendar and take into account your goals and the time you have available. You can schedule it on your own cell phone, link it to Google Calendar with alerts, or just make one by hand and put it in a conspicuous place on your desk.

  1. Image-Based Methods:

The picture memorizing method involves using your own pictures to visually represent your cells. The images created must be incorporated as mental images that will guide the memory of the elements.

Sometimes it is easier to associate concepts with images or drawings. If this is easy for you, you can follow it as one of your study habits.

  1. Creates online forums to prepare for the exam:

Another way to learn to study using new technologies would be through the virtual campuses of the institutions or web spaces such as Blogger (by Google) or Facebook, the student can create forums to propose different questions about the subject to be examined. and encourage the rest of the students to participate to give the best answer.

Do you already know how to study better to enhance your learning? Apply what you have learned with these study techniques and demonstrate your potential. Comment what do you think?