How to take care of the environment if I am studying at home

When we find ourselves studying at home , we can come to believe that we contribute more to the environment than those people who commute every day to go to university or work, perhaps because we believe that by stopping using the car the positive impact is much greater. major, but is it really so?

Online education represented a great advantage during the times of crisis in which we have been involved since the beginning of the pandemic, in addition, thanks to the fact that many people decided to continue their profession studying at home , it was possible to keep up the pace, and even complete university courses under this modality.

On the other hand, experts showed that, although it was an excellent way of not being left behind, studying or working at home had caused some factors to increase, among them the increase in electricity, water and waste.

Study online and contribute to the environment

The fact of staying at home managed to have a negative impact at first, not only for the students, but for those who ended up working from home, the reason? An increase in solid waste, the suspension of garbage separation and , as we mentioned before, the increase in the use of electricity and light.

But not everything is bad, these modalities have also brought positive repercussions, for example, the fauna returned to the streets in cities of many countries, such as Cancun, Venice and Bogotá. The need to generate hydroelectric power was also reduced and atmospheric pollution rates were reduced by up to 50%.

Knowing both scenarios, it is important that you take some tips to continue getting the most out of your online education, for example:

  • While you study, try not to have lights on and take advantage of the brightness of the day as much as possible.
  • Take care not to leave any water faucet open, this way you will avoid leaks that, drop by drop, become hundreds of liters a year.
  • Have your computer charged, but don’t keep it connected all day, take advantage of the moment of eating to recharge it and use it again, in addition, this will help increase the life of your equipment.
  • Do not keep the television on while you study, in addition to avoiding distractions, you will be saving a lot of energy.
  • Don’t lose good habits, separate the garbage correctly.
  • Avoid having devices connected that you are not using, such as the blender, the microwave, speakers, etc.

According to information from ECLAC, working or studying at home consumes 30% more electricity, 20% more water and generates 15% more waste, so now you know, by putting the above points into practice, you contribute to positive change

Advantages I have studying at home

Thanks to the results obtained under the online modality, many institutions became more relevant thanks to the quality of the education they provided at a distance, in addition, students and parents also realized the advantages that both they and their children received, and today Today it has become an excellent alternative.

Studying at home has abysmal advantages in education, especially because, as a student, you begin to generate skills that in person become less likely or acquire them more slowly, including:

  • Time management
  • self discipline
  • Positive habits (both for your professional development and to contribute to the environment)
  • Self motivation
  • technological learning
  • Greater reading comprehension and writing
  • Tech skills and much more.

Don’t stop your professional education

we are committed to the environment and even more so to the education of our students, which is why we invite you to be part of a positive impact by continuing your education without neglecting your day-to-day responsibilities.

We are aware that it is never too late to resume your studies, which is why we put at your disposal different educational offers such as:

  • educational sciences
  • Criminalistics
  • Management of tourism Enterprises
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  • Law
  • Psychology
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  • Public Accounting and more.

Do not hesitate so much, take into account that once you graduate you will be able to apply for higher ranking positions, obtain better income and thereby increase your quality of life. Don’t you believe us? We invite you to download our free e-book to learn more about it.