Peace of mind for teachers and parents in the use of Online Learning

Internet is a necessary tool in today’s society. There is a large amount of learning material on the Internet, so the use of devices during classes is key to promoting digital competence, which entails responsible use of them. It is, therefore, about educating students and providing security and peace of mind for teachers and parents in the use of technology in Educational Institutions and at Home.

With the greater presence of computers, laptops, tablets in the classroom, new questions have arisen, such as whether or not to filter Internet content.

The change of devices from which minors enjoy leisure and generation gap between parents and children this both has caused children and young people to be digital orphans today. A new situation that has confronted minors with risks to which they had never been exposed, such as inappropriate content, and has taken parents by surprise who do not know how to protect their children.

IMTLazarus is a simple cloud tool that allows educational institutions, teachers and parents to protect and filter content that children visit, preventing them from visiting malicious, inappropriate and age-inappropriate pages. This system is compatible with Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, Macbook, iMac), Chromebooks, Windows and Linux.

Why filter?

The truth is that there are arguments for all tastes. There are those who defend filtering to protect the internal network against possible viruses that may accompany certain content, to avoid distractions and misuse by students, or to protect the little ones from inappropriate content. who have left them willingly or unwillingly, their older companions.

On the other hand, there are those who argue that the limitations and prohibitions, by themselves, can only make things worse, the adolescent focuses on skipping the restrictions, ignoring productive tasks, even increasing acts of vandalism.

IMTLazarus is a cloud environment that is integrated into the device management system (MDM) of educational institutions. Once the system is implemented, teachers manage their classrooms so that students can concentrate on their work, supervising and controlling the use of applications, access to web pages, video viewers, etc.

Once the students finish their school day, it is the turn of the families. Parents will have a tool to control the usage times of the device, know the browsing history, restrict access to inappropriate content, control installed applications, device location (geolocation), etc.

But what is a parental control?

In a practical sense, it is a function offered by IMTLazarus with which it limits access to certain content on different platforms and technological devices, that is, it is a function that prevents access to certain television programs, applications, web pages and in general , control and filter the content. In addition, as mentioned before, it allows parents to configure hours of use, agreeing on what content was seen by their child or children.

  1. Web Filtering: At this point, teachers and parents decide what content and applications children can access. They can filter malicious or inappropriate content pages.
  2. Where they sail: Teachers and parents will be able to see what pages their child or student visits, shares or publishes at all times.
  3. Schedule control: Teachers and parents can decide at what times they want to allow navigation on the devices.
  4. Location: With IMTLazarus it is easy to locate each controlled device in real time.
  5. Parental control: This allows parents to manage multiple users and devices.

In conclusion

The IMTLazarus application is a new strategy in mobility. It offers speed, participative management and security to institutions and educational centers, companies and families. It is a simple and intuitive tool that enables functions of supervision, location, analysis and control about communications.

The IMTLazarus educational management and cybersecurity platform has been adapted to comply with current laws regarding the protection of minors’ data and protects families, because it allows protecting and filtering content, preventing malicious pages from being visited, which are not suitable for their age. . In education, it allows the teacher to have absolute control of each student’s navigation and the use of the device through immediate actions.

With these keys in mind Lugtna and IMTLazarus have signed a collaboration agreement to offer the Mexican educational community solutions that contribute to making a network that provides more security for teachers in the classroom and greater peace of mind for families in their homes.

At Lugtna we have extensive experience in Education and offer 360° solutions to educational institutions and centers throughout the Mexican Republic, where we accompany educational institutions in their transformation, promoting teacher training in the development and improvement of competence digital, and we innovate to give them the best educational technology.

For its part, IMTLazarus is a totally cloud-based tool for supervision, location, analysis and control over communications carried out by devices, both in institutions and educational centers, as well as in companies and in the family environment.