Study online: How to avoid the distractions of studying from home

Studying online is not easy at all, although it is not impossible either; You will have to balance your daily activities to be able to make them compatible with studies: have lunch times, pay attention to your children if you have them, clean the house, etc.

In this article we advise you how to attend online classes avoiding the distractions that may appear when studying from home, keep reading to find out more!

Online classes, a great alternative to face-to-face classes 

If you want to study a career, but you are indecisive or indecisive not knowing if you will be able to, effectively, with that new load, it is likely that online classes are the best alternative for you compared to face-to-face classes.

With the online classes you will be able to study from the place that suits you best, either from your home or work, you will even be able to see the classes again if there was one that, due to lack of time, you missed. The only thing you should have is organization and the perfect autonomy to balance your personal life with your academic life.

7 tips to avoid the distractions of studying online 

      1. Try to have your own study place

It is important that you have your own space, a place that is only yours and that you do not share with the other members of your family, at least while you are in online classes. In this way you will be able to concentrate only on the classes and reduce the distraction that can be caused by someone talking or doing any type of activity near you.

      2. Get up a little earlier

We know that it is difficult and that, with all the daily activities that you do, getting up a little earlier is a real sacrifice, but nothing is lost by trying!

Start by getting up 15 minutes earlier than normal, then maybe increase to 30 minutes; You can use this time to clean, do household things or maybe just make your study space look tidy, motivating you to study. With this tip you will avoid being distracted by thoughts like: “I have to clean, everything is messy and it’s getting late”, etc.

     3. Try to prepare lunch the night before

Another tip is to prepare lunch the night before, so on the day of classes you will avoid getting distracted thinking about what you have to cook and you will get rid of running to catch up just in time.

And yes, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to cook the night before, but think that this way you will be optimizing the times and reducing the stress that can be generated by not being able to do everything you have in the established time.

     4. Dress as if you were really going to study at the institute

Another piece of advice you can adopt is to dress as if you were actually going to study. If you stay in your pajamas or wear very casual clothes, your mind will unconsciously associate it with being relaxed, you will feel lazy or unmotivated, so your body most likely does not feel like sitting down to watch an online class, distracting yourself with the slightest things that happen around you.

On the contrary, if you dress to go to school, you are going to get up, wash and dress; This way you will have more energy to react with a better disposition to distance classes.

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     5. Communicate with your family nucleus

Let your family nucleus know when you are in online classes, so that they reduce the noise, avoid talking to you or asking you for things.

    6. Use headphones

It may seem obvious, but wearing headphones to enter classes will help you a lot to avoid being distracted by external sounds; thus, you will only focus on the classes.

    7. Forget social networks

If you have social networks like Facebook, Instagram or any other that can be a distraction for you, try to silence them or simply disconnect from the wifi during the time the class lasts; in this way you will not receive notifications and you will stay more focused.