6 careers to study if you have leadership skills

Have they told you that you are good at guiding work processes? Do you know how to motivate people? Do you like to teach? Do you have strategic problem solving skills? If you answered yes to these questions, you may have signs of being a good leader. In this article we show you 6 careers to study in higher education that will help you to enhance this ability.

What is leadership ability? Do you think you have it?

There are many elements that encompass the meaning of leadership ability; for example, it could be defined as the ability of a person to influence others, or someone who has the ability to make decisions, propose changes and, in general, take the initiative.

It is important to remember the phrase “Not every boss is a leader”; Bosses often have an intimidating way of imposing their authority, which prevents trust from being built in a work environment.

A leader, on the other hand, does not want to impose himself on another, a leader seeks to accompany the workers in the processes, allowing them to grow in an organization with the aim of maintaining a good work environment and a good relationship with their peers.

If you believe that you can motivate a complete work team, guide them in decision-making, clearly communicate your ideas, know how to plan and coordinate actions towards the fulfillment of objectives, then the following careers to study may suit you.

6 careers to study in higher education that will allow you to exploit this ability

Are you looking for careers to study in higher education? Do you like to lead work groups? Have they told you that you are a good leader? If so, pay attention to the following races, these can be a starting point to exploit this great ability.

1.Gastronomic and cultural administration

In this career, the professional will be trained to plan, produce, manage and administer different gastronomic offers , adapting to nutritional trends and requirements, as well as the context and culture of a given country, culture, group or similar.

By studying this career you will be able to perform in positions such as administration and supervision, so you will have to have the ability to direct a whole group of pastry chefs, bakers, pastry chefs; or direct groups that carry out their work in hotels, events, banquets, etc.

2.Engineering in business administration

For its part, the Business Administration Engineer will be able, fundamentally, to direct and control strategic and organizational planning processes , whether in public or private institutions.

You will have to be able to lead and integrate different work teams and propose integrated solutions for the constant improvement of the organization.

3.Foreign trade engineering

Upon graduating from this career you will have the necessary skills to direct processes of entry and exit of goods and services according to international trade regulations.

You will be able to perform your functions in the public and private system, according to the requirements of the clients and the current legal regulations. When exercising this career you must bring out your leadership skills to:

  • – Communicate your ideas clearly to your team
  • – Negotiate with clients
  • Coordinate foreign trade processes, handling customs operations and managing logistics means

4.Industrial engineering

The professional will be able to carry out his functions through the administration, development and optimization of services. For the industrial engineer, the sense of leadership becomes important when, upon graduation, he must lead an entire team, be it finance, human resources or maintenance personnel; so he must learn to reconcile the interests of the different departments or teams of a company.

5.Human Resources Engineering

The human resources engineer will be able to direct human capital management processes, in addition to controlling the execution of organizational development processes, determining what is needed for an organization to be successful.

For this type of career, you must know how to communicate and operate collaboratively with the rest of the units , in addition to leading interdisciplinary teams, with the aim of working integrally in the project creation processes.

6.Logistics engineering

Whoever graduates from this career will have the necessary skills to carry out strategic plans, in addition to directing and controlling processes in the operations and logistics area , according to the needs of the business.

A good leader in logistics engineering will be essential in the company, so they must have solid knowledge of the different areas that make up an organization; A good part of the responsibility for achieving the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization will fall on you.

So put your leadership skills to use to oversee and manage sourcing processes, strategically develop growth plans, and lead your team in the right direction.